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February 14, 2016 S.I. News  No comments

by Aaron Bolinger (2-14-16)

Without too much Geek-Speak here, I’m happy to report most of the minor server issues that pertained to our Moodle site have been corrected, and the main pages updated to reflect current realities. Hopefully any previously broken links have been repaired, and everyone can log-in and find what they need for their course work this semester.  A few more documents will be shortly uploaded — both to the Main Menu (top left of the front page) and internally in the courses themselves.

Updating the “Main Menu” area solved a few major concerns, primarily that of being able to find quick answers to questions (F.A.Q. page), having the full Course Catalog available, and the general information within the “About” page.  Beyond that, I have added a link to our Facebook page (which is getting a major overhaul as well), and plugged in some informational video links at the bottom of that collection.  If anything else is necessary, let me know and I’ll find a way to wrap things up in that neighborhood.

I have also done considerable work on the .COM site, although that is where the most work remains to be accomplished.  Prior to the disaster (lightning strike) there were about a dozen web sites (our various schools) with their own presence there, and they all have to be reconstructed.  So that will take a while.  Fear not, however, now that the Moodle site is squared away, time is being spent over there to get’r done ASAP.

There are also going to be a pair of FTP sites — one private, one public.  So far I have been focusing on the public site, but there is still more to repair before removing the UN/PW gate.  I’m hopeful to have that completed within the next week or so.

The private FTP site is actually finished, and is accessible only by UN/PW (and will remain that way). Within it lies the massive Sherman Institute Digital Library, with thousands of public-domain and private (instructor created) textbooks for our students and staff. Only registered students and our Deans/Instructors get that key.

You can expect our team to create some updated videos shortly — explaining NEW courses, programs, and features of being part of Sherman Institute.  We’ll also have the Booster Club running to enable benefactors to help worthy students with their tuition.

A MAJOR new program is being rolled out for the Summer Semester — the opening of our new School of Music.  We are also hoping to have some offers shortly in the realm of computer sciences, as part of another new School — the School of Technology.

So things are happening on the periphery of Sherman Institute in multiple directions simultaneously.  Our School of English has a new Journalism instructor, making his debut this Spring as well.  Look for Professional Journalist Mark Anderson, and his course # EN-107.2 on the calendar effective immediately.

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