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February 17, 2016 S.I. News  No comments

Sherman Institute is pleased to welcome aboard a very elite instructor in his native field of Journalism, Mr. Mark Anderson.  His addition to our team means that our collection of Journalism courses and programs are getting a major adrenaline jolt, effective immediately.  For this Spring Semester, he will be teaching EN-107.2 [Basic News Gathering & Reporting] in conjunction with our Dean of English, Dr. Karen Ruff.

Mark Anderson, world-traveled investigative reporter, joins S.I.

Mark Anderson, world-traveled investigative reporter, joins S.I.

Mark S. Anderson, 54, has been a journalist for 31 years. He started at a weekly hometown newspaper before working for several mainstream dailies in both staff & contractor roles. At his first “real” job for a Michigan weekly, he did everything from photography, to manual page layout, to covering sports, school board and city council meetings, along with distribution. By 1991, Mark was working full-time for the daily South Bend (Indiana) Tribune, wearing two hats: writing advertising copy, and reporting on government meetings and writing features. The Tribune trained him in the new desktop publishing software (Quark Express / PageMaker) while graduating him to editor of a weekly Hometown News insert.

While Mark’s political interests took him away from the Tribune to run for a Michigan state office in 1996, he took his direct experience as a candidate back into journalism. By 1997, he began looking deeper into the financial and political system of the U.S. and the world. That inspired him to write for a hard-hitting national magazine for a time. Yet by 1998, he returned to the world of weekly newspapers and continued full-time until 2002, when he launched a quarterly journal, the Herald Republic, which experienced several successful years.

In 2006, Mark took a big step into national journalism by joining the hard-hitting, investigative American Free Press in Washington D.C. Today, Mark is a Capitol Hill reporter for AFP, covering the House and Senate. He also has embraced the rare opportunity of exposing the highly secretive annual Bilderberg meetings, where he is the only reporter from established U.S. national newspapers.

Mark also hosted his own internet radio show 2008 through 2012 and wrote paid television scripts (and reported on the air) for WHDT-TV in 2013-14. He is available as a consultant for those wanting to start newspapers of their own. Mark’s goal, as an instructor for Sherman Institute, is to bring out the best in students. He will be teaching the essential skills of Journalism, in many courses within that curricula, and helping to develop a new crop of journalists who confront tough issues and want truth to prevail, thereby building a new and better media for our future.

Mark has been given “Editor” level credentials on our .COM website, and will likely be assisting Dr. Ruff with a long-anticipated Journalism program aimed at elite secondary (High School aged) achievers.  The goal of advancing alternative media is not lost on our staff here, and we are actively pursuing a number of options in that direction.

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