Sherman Teaming With Facebook Group

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Sherman Teaming With Facebook Group

Local PA Musicians – a Facebook group dedicated to performing artists around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – has teamed up with the Sherman Institute for a special project. The primary goal is to assist musicians statewide finding ‘gigs’ at which they can showcase their talents.

Aaron Bolinger, a co-founder of Sherman Institute, and the school’s server administrator, has created a special music venue database on their new server. Musicians from the FaceBook group will provide venue information from their personal performing experiences. This will then become a statewide, searchable tool enabling musicians to find places that book entertainment.

“The database has been designed for a very broad spectrum of musicians and venues,” according to Kirk Whitehouse, the owner of the FaceBook group.

“Whether a solo pianist is looking for lounges in which to play, or the road manager for an entire orchestra is wanting a larger venue, we have fields in the database to identify these fine details. Musicians will be able to identify those venues that book exclusively through agencies, those who have stage-hands available to assist with moving equipment, and those that have ‘house’ sound and lighting systems. In just about every aspect, this will be a very solid collection of information. Our group’s members contributed ideas that were fed over to Sherman Institute as the database was created, so that what the musicians wanted to know would be included,” Whitehouse added.

Hostage of Humanity, featuring Bob McCoy on guitar.

Warren County band, Hostage of Humanity, featuring Bob McCoy on guitar.

Bolinger explained that Sherman Institute’s angle for offering this to Local PA Musicians is multi-faceted. “For some time we have contemplated adding a School of Music under our on-line university’s umbrella,” he says. “And the most important aspect of any special skill set – playing music for example – is finding outlets for using it, and hopefully getting paid. For bands, solo artists, or orchestral talent, the main motivator is getting the gigs. I think Sherman Institute can help with that, and our administration is all for it,“ he said.

“Database products are rather easy to design, and equally simple to search for information. Special criteria can allow a user to grab all the rock venues in a particular county, for example, if that is where he wants to play.”

“But this is only the first phase of our new technology being used in a musical direction,” says Bolinger. “Shortly there are going to be slices of server used for collaboration among musicians in the recording arts as well. This is the ground floor for of our new School of Music, which debuts for the summer semester, starting in June. A course on Audio Science is already on the schedule for the Spring Semester, which starts the week of March 1. For more information on that course, check this LINK.

Musicians who have information they are willing to contribute are asked to contact Bob McCoy of the Local PA Musicians Facebook group. A special e-mail address will receive the information, and those trained for using the database will enter the data. is the direct contact point for Mr. McCoy, and for submitting the data.

A page of instructions has also been created by Sherman Institute to explain the fields of information requested within each venue’s record. To see those instructions, if you would like to contribute data, visit this LINK.

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