Insurance — What does the bible say?

March 17, 2016 Guilded  No comments

By Aaron Bolinger

Insurance is one of those topics that was on my mind long ago, and over the years the accumulated cache of information on the subject continues to grow.  It’s a multi-part subject actually, because any secondary scholar knows that “insurance” is merely a cog in the larger wheel of banking industries in general.  But for simplicity’s sake, it should be sorted by it’s sub-classification.  Insurance stands alone on its own merits — or not — by its own biblical treatment.

Of course, within the big ten, and even within the 613 of Torah thinking, there is no direct statement “thou shalt not buy insurance.”  But the general principles of “defrauding thy neighbor” and related interpersonal situations do stick out as simple enough to cover the high points.  Despite civilization advances at the time of Hammurabi in the realm of law, the Israelites probably would not have came to their Patriarchs (or even Moses) with any suggestion that “in case YHWH doesn’t provide, we should take some of the Levite’s tithe and get that recommended policy from Pharaoh.”

For brevity, there is a wonderful little article out there that hits most of these high points in a short (3 pager) synopsis.  Knowing my propensity for long writings, I thought it apropos this situation to provide merely a LINK to that (well done) article.  Incorporating that, I also posted a video in Vimeo that enables the “visual learner” to watch the movie (so to speak).  It’s slightly updated (taking “Obamacare” into account), and has a bit of my own spin to it.  No matter your “political persuasion” there are some matters of conscience that ought to be weighed in the balance.  I hope these items help with whatever struggles you have had coming to terms with the “mandatory” insurance situation looming in modern America.

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