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March 2016 BOTM:

Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States
Samuel B. F. Morse

Known most for his invention of the series of dots and dashes that became the “Morse Code,” and obviously the product of a finely-tuned Trivium and Quadrivium founded education, Samuel Morse was many things to many people. Among the lesser known qualities was a profound understanding of diplomacy, and world affairs in general.  With so many people today terrified of “conspiracy theories” (or being labeled such a “theorist” as a slam against character) Morse was a “Conspiracy Factualist” — able to identify the two or more persons meeting their minds to accomplish an illegal end.  Indeed, he showed (in 1835) how this Roman Catholic conspiracy was coming together to destroy the fledgling United States — or more accurately to take it over, and incorporate it into Vatican designs for world domination.

In 1835 he penned this book, Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States. [Archived on our FTP site. Valid and current Username/Password for student/staff is required to download.]   Such a title could not possibly escape Sherman Institute, as both the subject matter and the depth in which Morse presented the facts of this Conspiracy dovetail nicely with our studies of World and US History, Journalism, Theology, and Political Science. How could one title tackle all four subjects?  Morse did it.

Many modern Presidents are quick to point out how various people around the world are both jealous and seeking the destruction of the Constitution, and more specifically the Bill of Rights it contains. One need not look too deeply into Theology to discover that one religion, above all others, has hated America and the freedom of religion enjoyed on this side of “the pond.” Trouble is, many contemporary rhetoricians miss the target when identifying Islam, or other faith modes. The problem is MUCH closer to home, and far deeper than many Americans would grasp. Morse nailed it, in this expose.

Perhaps the best way to explain what is explained by Morse in this short (110 total pages) expose is to quote directly from his Chapter 1. The manner in which he lays out the problem in this overview, will be the subject of the remaining dialog. Morse spent considerable time abroad (Europe), and while there the greater details of this effort in America became known to him as follows (he was writing to Americans via some editorials, which then became assembled into this book):

You have agents among you, men in the pay of those very foreign powers, whose every measure of foreign and domestic policy has now for its end and aim the destruction of liberty every where. To increase your peril, you have a press that will not apprise you of the dangers that threaten you; we can reach you with our warnings only through the religious journals ; the daily press is blind, or asleep, or bribed, or afraid; at any rate, it is silent on this subject, and thus is throwing the weight of its influence on the side of your enemies. Foreign spies have clothed themselves in a religious dress, and so awe-struck are our journalists at its sacred texture, or so unable or unwilling to discern the difference between the man and his mask, that they start away in fear, lest they should be called bigoted or intolerant, or persecuting, if they should venture to lift up the consecrated cloak that hides a foreign foe. Americans, if you depend on your daily press, you rely on a broken reed; it fails you in your need.

Who are these spies? Do they still exist among us? How far have their plans progressed since the time of Morse?

We tackle these questions and more, in our Masters program on Church-State Relations. And yes, the Morse book is part of the reading invested in that (and other) of our courses and programs. But know this, the religion of which he speaks has become, for all intents and purposes, the de facto national religion in America today, with a dominant, controlling influence over our domestic and foreign affairs. Indeed, the current states of war which exist between America and other nations are the direct result of what Morse sought to warn us of over 150 years ago. The battles raging abroad, with American military involvement today, are no more or less than the continuation of battles begun hundreds of years ago by this religion that is hostile toward both America, and liberty, in general terms.

In real terms, Morse was witnessing the Genesis of the movement, and sounded the alarm.  The fact that it took the Vatican from 1835 until 1861 (the real split that spelled the end of America as it had been known) stands as testimony on behalf of the wisdom of the Founding Fathers.  Despite all the intrigue, the mission of destroying this nation took several generations to bring near to completion.  But the history of this undertaking is well documented by Morse.

Read the book, and put together the puzzle for yourself.

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