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Letter to the Editor (Microsoft)

July 2, 2016 S.I. News  No comments

Dear Microsoft:

On behalf of the many good people of this nation and otherwise who recently had their lives turned upside down by an unauthorized installation of malicious & non-functional software (Windows 10) onto their computers while they slept, shame on you! The inconveniences are worthy of a mass, class-action lawsuit whereby these users are entitled to actual and punitive damages. In addition, it is the sincere hope of millions of people globally that the United States Government, in whose jurisdiction you operate, will initiate RICO criminal proceedings against your sorry asses. If not, we may look to the U.N., and/or the war crimes tribunal of the Hague, for justice.

One way or another, let’s just say we are not as excited about Windows 10 as you are.

In many cases, the owners o...

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