Letter to the Editor (Microsoft)

July 2, 2016 S.I. News  No comments

Dear Microsoft:

On behalf of the many good people of this nation and otherwise who recently had their lives turned upside down by an unauthorized installation of malicious & non-functional software (Windows 10) onto their computers while they slept, shame on you! The inconveniences are worthy of a mass, class-action lawsuit whereby these users are entitled to actual and punitive damages. In addition, it is the sincere hope of millions of people globally that the United States Government, in whose jurisdiction you operate, will initiate RICO criminal proceedings against your sorry asses. If not, we may look to the U.N., and/or the war crimes tribunal of the Hague, for justice.

One way or another, let’s just say we are not as excited about Windows 10 as you are.

In many cases, the owners of these systems (that would be us) chose, repeatedly during the past year, to DECLINE the wonderful “free” offer of an upgrade DELIBERATELY, and for just cause. In my particular case, Windows 7 Professional was the only product for which the required drivers exist for a specific collection of somewhat older hardware. With those devices in the machine, Windows 10 could not ‘roll back’ to 7, even when (again) I DECLINED to accept the Terms Of Service of Windows 10 when I found it. The system has just completely ‘locked up’ and has no way to go either forward (into 10) or back (to 7).

Repairing this will now require a reinstallation of 7, and a reinstallation of ALL software that is required to run both the hardware and the programs associated with it. Coupled with that expense of both time and money, is the aggravation associated with looking for software keys, fixing browser favorites, recreating or finding passwords, connecting to mail services via exhaustive configuration protocols, linking products together that must be installed accurately to function, etc.

This particular computer was built as a high-end audio-video recording and rendering system. The number of specific-performance products that was installed on it is extensive, and because you wanted everyone on Windows 10, I and millions of other people are spending hours, days and weeks attacking nightmares that did NOT need to happen!

Meanwhile, of course, we are pronouncing the plagues we want to see land on your Microsoft heads, in unison, and among the tens of thousands per hour.

Along with that, of course, are the struggles associated with relocating the programs that may not even be available any longer, completely destroying the business and personal functions our machines were performing and providing just wonderfully via Windows 7.

I cannot imagine a more perfect plan to anger the maximum amount of people in the shortest time frame, and do additional crippling damage to an already faltering economic situation in this nation, and others where Windows operating systems are in use.

I am posting this letter into every possible location I can find, in hopes that you will see it, and come forth to offer a smooth way that I can roll back this nightmare of a blue screen. Lord knows, you have removed from your websites any possible vehicle for we, the irritated, to get a human being on the telephone.

Sincerely yours,

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