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Letter to the Editor (Microsoft)

July 2, 2016 S.I. News  No comments

Dear Microsoft:

On behalf of the many good people of this nation and otherwise who recently had their lives turned upside down by an unauthorized installation of malicious & non-functional software (Windows 10) onto their computers while they slept, shame on you! The inconveniences are worthy of a mass, class-action lawsuit whereby these users are entitled to actual and punitive damages. In addition, it is the sincere hope of millions of people globally that the United States Government, in whose jurisdiction you operate, will initiate RICO criminal proceedings against your sorry asses. If not, we may look to the U.N., and/or the war crimes tribunal of the Hague, for justice.

One way or another, let’s just say we are not as excited about Windows 10 as you are.

In many cases, the owners o...

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Sherman Teaming With Facebook Group

February 20, 2016 S.I. News  No comments

Sherman Teaming With Facebook Group

Local PA Musicians – a Facebook group dedicated to performing artists around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – has teamed up with the Sherman Institute for a special project. The primary goal is to assist musicians statewide finding ‘gigs’ at which they can showcase their talents.

Aaron Bolinger, a co-founder of Sherman Institute, and the school’s server administrator, has created a special music venue database on their new server. Musicians from the FaceBook group will provide venue information from their personal performing experiences. This will then become a statewide, searchable tool enabling musicians to find places that book entertainment.

“The database has been designed for a very broad spectrum of musicians and venues,” according to K...

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New Journalism Instructor Aboard

February 17, 2016 S.I. News  No comments

Sherman Institute is pleased to welcome aboard a very elite instructor in his native field of Journalism, Mr. Mark Anderson.  His addition to our team means that our collection of Journalism courses and programs are getting a major adrenaline jolt, effective immediately.  For this Spring Semester, he will be teaching EN-107.2 [Basic News Gathering & Reporting] in conjunction with our Dean of English, Dr. Karen Ruff.

Mark Anderson, world-traveled investigative reporter, joins S.I.

Mark Anderson, world-traveled investigative reporter, joins S.I.

Mark S. Anderson, 54, has been a journalist for 31 years. He started at a weekly hometown newspaper before working for several mainstream dailies in both staff & contractor roles...

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The Classic Bachelors (The 4 Year Degree from 1822)

February 15, 2016 S.I. News  No comments

By Aaron Bolinger

When our Founders were researching the history of American academics, we ran across a rather interesting collection of courses, that comprised the 4 year degree standards of Yale in the year 1822.  (Many other Ivy League schools had similar foundations & course titles/texts.)  This was, of course, at the height of American Academics — when our nation was known as having the highest academic standards anywhere in the world, and many of the immigrants who came here did so (not for a welfare check), to achieve excellence in education.

Below is the actual photocopy of the curricula used in that year from an ancient manuscript.  Since it is a bit hard to read, following that is the translation.

The curricula of Yale's 4 year program, in 1822.

The curricula of Yale’s 4 year program, in 1822.

[Note: an * symbol indicates ...

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Technology Updates & General Report

February 14, 2016 S.I. News  No comments

by Aaron Bolinger (2-14-16)

Without too much Geek-Speak here, I’m happy to report most of the minor server issues that pertained to our Moodle site have been corrected, and the main pages updated to reflect current realities. Hopefully any previously broken links have been repaired, and everyone can log-in and find what they need for their course work this semester.  A few more documents will be shortly uploaded — both to the Main Menu (top left of the front page) and internally in the courses themselves.

Updating the “Main Menu” area solved a few major concerns, primarily that of being able to find quick answers to questions (F.A.Q. page), having the full Course Catalog available, and the general information within the “About” page...

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