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TH-330 (What Time Is It?) reviews world and biblical calendar systems, bible prophecy & more.

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Spring Semester 2016 Upcoming Semester Course Offerings (Start Date: Mar. 1, 2016)

Some General FLYERS about Sherman Institute Courses/Programs
LINK How Many S.I. Courses Use the Great Books?
LINK Master’s in Constitutional Scholarship Program
LINK The end of Common Core
LINK Finishing School for Americans
LINK American History (Major/Minor/Masters) Curricula
LINK Journalism Program Launched
LINK Education Program Launched
LINK Fee Schedule/Payment Info

LINK Registration Form
LINK Application for Admission

Detailed Course Descriptions

Below are links to single-page flyers that are enhanced descriptions of just a few of the programs, courses and collections of courses offered by Sherman Institute.  The lead to PDF documents (which may show in your browser, if you have a PDF plugin, or they may download). The Course Catalog, and descriptions shown on the .US site with each course are very short, where these flyers explain things in more detail. Print them, pass them out, link to them to show others, etc. Headings below organize them into the categories corresponding to the Catalog.

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Short (Continuing Education & Remedial) Courses

  • PS-97 (Fundamentals of Economics).

General Studies/Grammar (Languages)/Group 1/English

  • 1984 (An “Individual Works” course on George Orwell’s 1984.)
  • EN-101 (College English 1).
  • EN-104 (Sentence Analytics) bolsters understanding of lengthy sentence structure.
  • EN260-V2 (Advanced Parliamentary Procedure) used in legislative assemblies & business.
  • EN-263 (Bill Drafting)
  • Masters in Rhetoric, Composition & Verbal Expression is explained.

Group 2/Foreign Languages

Group 3/Mathematics (Info Coming soon.)

Group 4/Sciences

  • SC-109 (Farm Science & Aquaculture) teaches basic gardening, fish (pond) details, etc.
  • SC-110 (Audio Science) teaches how sound systems can be assembled and tuned.
  • SC-209 (Meteorology) prepares for NOAA exams on weather systems.

Group 5/Classical Concepts

  • LINK  Classical Concepts General Information about our Trivium/Quadrivium based programs.
  • LINK A NEW collection of CC courses, for the deep thinker! Classical_Concepts (v2)
  • LINK  A Basic look at the Trivium & Quadrivium in Sherman Institute.
  • LINK  A look at the new Classic Bachelor’s degree — a Sherman Institute exclusive!

Group 6/History

  • LINK  History Studies General information on our approach to World & US History courses.
  • LINK  How History & Theology Courses Work In Harmony at Sherman Institute.
  • LINK  Three courses (Formation of the Union I , II & III) that cover the Constitutional Convention of 1787

Group 7/Economics

  • EC-201 & EC-401 (Federalist Economics I & II) explains American Monetary system development from silver/gold to the Federal Reserve.


  • LINK  Journalism Program
  • LINK  Education Program
  • LINK  Justice Studies Program


  • LINK Masters in Historicist Eschatology explained.
  • LINK  A General flyer about our Theology.
  • TH-132 (Introduction to Bible Translations)
  • TH-140 (Old Testament I – Torah/Pentateuch)
  • TH-234 (The Sociotheosphere) examines situations where civil and religious rules have collided over the timeline of History.
  • LINK  Historicism 235 & 431 Historicism I & II
  • LINK  Historicism Courses
  • TH-330 (What Time Is It?) reviews world and biblical calendar systems, bible prophecy & more.
  • TH-334 (Biblical Ethics) covers both testaments, in the interaction of society.


  • PS-153 (State Government I) looks at the development and current status of state governments.
  • PS-155 (Civic Activism) provides an overview of interacting with the political-legal machinery for reforms.
  • PS-252 The Federal Government views the current structure of official Washington.
  • PS-457 (American Conspiracy Theories) looks at modern History, and inconsistencies with the “official version” of certain events.
  • LINK  Qualified Constitutional Scholar/Senior Constitutional Scholar Programs flyer.
  • LINK  Masters in Civil Affairs & Public Service degree program is explained.
  • LINK Master’s in Constitutional Scholarship

JUSTICE STUDIES (A branch of Poli-Sci/History at Sherman Institute)

  • LINK  Justice Studies Program Introductory Info
  • LINK  Justice Studies Certificate Programs
  • LINK (Combined flyer) JS-191 (Criminal Investigation), JS-192 (Criminal Evidence & Procedure), JS-291 Criminal Law Flyer
  • JS-290 Grand Juries (Ask for flyer to be e-mailed)
  • JS-390 Canon Law
  • JS-391 Common Law