Get Schooled in Music

March 29, 2016 S.I. Music News

In this post Sherman Institute is collecting some FREE resources, articles, and general information published by someone that has something to say.  All this info is just a click away, and provides a way for you to up your knowledge of something connected to the music biz.  Unlike many other schools, we really don’t charge for EVERYTHING!  (This post will be edited with new stuff as we find it.  Stop back at least monthly for the latest.)

Incidentally, Sherman Institute has standardized on the following components.  If you are going to buy a DAW software for your audio recording education, we recommend Reaper.  It is inexpensive, and there is a link below to videos produced by the developers that teach the finer points of using it.  Those vids are also FREE, and it saves us having to find instructors for it.  That said, if YOU want to acquire any of the dozens of possible DAW products for whatever reason, have at it.  We don’t care, as long as what you produce for our purposes comes out as either a .WAV or .MP3 file.  How you generate it is YOUR choice.  The same goes for the Video creation realm.  We recommend (as a cost effective and very powerful platform) Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.  But, if you want any of the other options out there, have at it.  As long as you can create .AVI or .MP4 files, that’s the goal.

  • Reaper (Audio DAW Software) (LINK)  Video Tutorials (LINK)
  • Pinnacle (Video Editing SW) (LINK) Video Tutorials (LINK)
  • 15 Mistakes Indie Artists Make (LINK)
  • Choosing a PA System (LINK)
  • Small Studio Setup: What you REALLY need (LINK)