Congratulations!  You have made it to the home of the Sherman Institute School of Music.  This wing of Sherman Institute is set to open in June of 2016, so please pardon the dust as we put the finishing touches on this web site, and add all the trimmings to our Music curricula.

Over the next year we will be rolling out many new courses.  Our primary focus will be condensed programs geared for the modern world of Music.  We will continue our Internet delivery of the courses that are part of our  certificate and degree programs, with the goal of tailoring all toward real-world skills.  Both the courses and the tools you need will be standardized to make efficient use of YOUR money — low cost items that will be functional to your requirements. Whether you are continuing to develop your instrumental skills, or digging into live sound, recording, audio-for-video production, or other niche in the modern music market, Sherman Institute will tailor things around your goal(s).

Music today involves more than just notes on a page.  Technology is driving us all into deeper levels of knowledge about computers, software and hundreds of peripheral knowledge and skill sets.  With this in mind, we set out to create the specialized courses needed for both the audio and video worlds, while incorporating the very real principle that it is all still resting on a foundation of musical creativity.  You shouldn’t always be thinking in terms of 0’s and 1’s.  Yet the backbone of music is indeed “numbers in time”  — a concept of the Quadrivium of classical learning.  At Sherman Institute, we don’t allow this reality to be lost amid the endless debates of “analog vs. digital” or “Apple vs. PC.”  Like the modern musician, you get to “sample” things, while you develop deeper knowledge about music and its many modern branches.

Our instructors have both the book knowledge and the practical skills to help you master concepts involving the instruments, hardware, software, and more.  We are using some of the most cost-effective tools of the modern music industry to teach, and what you acquire while you are here will be yours for many years of use.  Contact us for more information about upcoming programs of study, or merely one-off continuing education courses that can help shore up your knowledge for a specific study you need as a musician or technician.


Here is a sample song, written & recorded by one of our instructors (Aaron Bolinger).  The title is Yesterday’s Gone.  Aaron recorded all instruments other than drums (bass, banjo, 12 string guitar, lead guitar, organ & vocals).  Drums were provided by Sean in Canada using Reaper software.

This was recorded on a Tascam 2488 Neo (digital hardware deck), with a variety of effects on various instruments and vocals.  The final .WAV file was then mastered on GoldWave software, and converted to this MP3.  Enjoy!