Welcome to the Sherman Institute’s Intra-net Portal.  Our University, like the brick and mortar variety, has many buildings.  This page is a map to them all, with brief descriptions to help you navigate to where you need to be.  [Note: Our .COM collection of sites was launched in May 2014 and under construction over the next few months.  Please bear with us during this roll out. Sites listed below with an "*" with it have had some development.  Others are basically in place, and under construction.]


Sherman Institute is a private association of instructors who seek to provide a broad, liberal arts curriculum based on the classical standard, and a theology program centered on scripture. Students can explore a variety of major and minor study disciplines, and will leave us with a moral and nationalist perspective, along with an advanced library containing a wealth of information generally forgotten in modern academia.


If you are new to Sherman Institute, perhaps the best place to start is our main informational web site –  Sherman Institute .INFO.  There you will find flyers about our courses and programs, our full course catalog, bios on our Founders, Deans & Instructors, recent Press Releases about new offers and general S.I. news, and other items for general consumption.  If you would prefer to talk to a human being, that’s OK too.  Call Aaron at 803-369-3605, and leave a message if he is out working the farm.

The Cogito Logo2

When you have made the decision to attend, you should first contact the instructor of the course(s) you want.  Click the active links on the current/upcoming Semester Schedule, or click on any of these links below. [New e-mail system coming soon. Links will be applied to instructor names when that new system is set.]

  • Dr. Karen Ruff  [Dean of English]
  • David Whitney, D.D.  [Dean of Theology]
  • Aaron Bolinger [co-Founder, Instructor]
  • David Schied, M.Ed. [co-Founder]
  • Sarah Dlinn [Registrar]
  • Niki Hannevig, M.S. [Asst. Librarian]

If you are coming to attend a full program (certificate or degree), you will need copies of your existing academic transcripts, an Admission Application, and the one-time admission fee.  Then send that packet of information to our Registrar.



  • * Sherman Institute {dot} INFO [Main information site, flyers, courses, etc.]
  • * Sherman Institute {dot} US   [Main Academic Site, runs on Moodle for academia, for course syllabi, exams, and general instruction.  When admitted, your instructor opens the gates to your classes.  Self-enrollment on this site is DISABLED.  When admitted as a student, our administration team creates your log-in/password access, and steps you through this stage of the process.  Visiting this site without log-in credentials does allow you to view the course collection and brief descriptions, but you cannot access the materials without the authentication rights.  If you find a course on that site you want to take, you may click the instructor name listed with it to contact the instructor directly.]
  • * Sherman Institute FTP Library  [Main collection of electronic texts used in our courses/programs.  When admitted, you receive a Username/Password enabling download of these files.  You cannot access this library unless admitted as a student, instructor, or as a member of our Booster Club.]
  • Sherman Institute Public FTP Site  [Our instructors often make their documents, books, and other materials publicly accessible.  No UN/PW is required to download materials from this site.]
  • * Sherman Institute Broadcast Studio  [We have a site set up for streaming audio and video from our Instructors & Deans, occasionally running outside-source material in the interest of education.]
  • Schools/Departments  [Each school connected to Sherman Institute is linked below, along with other sister sites as described briefly.  These sites may or not be fully accessible without UN/PW combinations of their own, depending on the set-up of their respective administrators.  To gain access to any restricted site, contact the Administrator of that site and request a UN/PW.  Some are private Intra-nets, only for the development of new courses/programs within their respective Schools.  Others my be run by students or staff for whatever purpose has been established.]
  1. School of English (Dean of English, administrator)
  2. School of Theology (Dean of Theology, administrator)
  3. School of Political Science (Aaron Bolinger, temp administrator)
  4. School of Secondary Programs [grades 8-12] (Dr. Karen Ruff, administrator)
  5. High School Journalism (Run by magnet high school journalism students)
  6. School of Journalism (Dr. Karen Ruff, administrator)
  7. School of Graduate Studies (Dr. Karen Ruff, administrator)
  8. * Sherman Institute Instructor’s Guild (Training for Instructors, & related materials)
  9. * Booster Club (Join, even if not a student, to support Sherman Institute activities)
  10. * Broadcast Studio (Streaming Audio & Video programming from S.I.)
  11. News (a site that functions as a newspaper, for general news & insight)
  12. The Student Union (Student-operated web site)
  13. The Sherman Institute Great Books Society (discuss education using the Great Books)